We are always open to new sponsors – contact Eli Bravo (eb039@bucknell.edu) for more information.  Also, please visit our "Donate" page for more information, including this year's sponsorship proposal packet.

A typical season sees the Bucknell Cycling Team worried about more than just racing, training, and having fun.  Much of the seasonal work is dedicated toward fundraising, because without outside funding, our season would not be possible.

The Bucknell Cycling Team is proud to be one of the only collegiate clubs that requires its members to contribute no monetary fees in order to participate in racing.  We require that the members of the team purchase their own uniforms, equipment, and USAC licenses, but all additional costs of racing are covered by the team.  Thank you to those who have made Bucknell Cycling possible.  We hope you continue your tremendous support of our club in the future!

Below are our sponsors for the 2015/2016 season.  Many have deep connections to our team and our University, so take the time to check them out!

Platinum Level Sponsors
American Security Products Company

“Quality Safes for over 65 Years”

Established in 1946, American Security Products Company (AMSEC) is a leading manufacturer of high-security safes.  AMSEC’s retail customers include McDonald’s, Starbucks, Target, Walgreens and Wal-Mart.  AMSEC is also a leading manufacturer of high-security safes for residential use.  Their industry innovations include combining fire-resistance and burglary protection in one safe.  AMSEC is a long-time, high-level sponsor of Bucknell Cycling.

Giant Bicycles 

Founded in 1972, Giant is now the world's largest manufacturer of bicycles, with models that span the market.  Giant is currently the title sponsor of German-registered UCI World Tour Team Giant-Alpecin and is in its first year as a supporter of Bucknell Cycling.

Gold Level Sponsors

Grimes Group
The Grimes Group is a central Pennsylvania-based, development and consulting relationship firm dedicated to providing comprehensive and individually tailored strategies to meet the diverse needs of their clients.  Grimes Group is a long-time sponsor of Bucknell Cycling.

Highlands Coaching

Highlands Coaching leverages decades of combined coaching experience across all cycling disciplines to help their athletes achieve their goals, whether that be recreation, fitness, or competitive success.  Coach Bill Brunner has worked with Bucknell Cycling since the 2015 season.

Earl's Bicycle Store

Earl and his team have provided their knowledge and service to the Central Pennsylvania cycling community since 2006, when Big Earl's Bike Shop opened in Mifflinburg.  In 2010, Earl's Bicycle Store opened along Rt. 15 in Lewisburg, and the store recently moved (in 2014) to its current location on Fairground Road.

Silver Level Sponsors

Amami Kitchen & Espresso Bar

Product Sponsors

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