Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Pretty Good Weekend – Sunset Friday Ride – A Visit From Breakstone


This week I went a little multi-media crazy in order to accumulate some cool things for the blog.  But as I make this post, I think its going to be well worth it.  I have a lot to share. 

On Friday, Sam, Audrey, and I, went out for some climbing of Supplee and Stein pre-Friday ride.  I got some pretty good photos, and also a video of Audrey coming up Supplee right at the top.  Audrey is a really good climber, and she doesn’t give herself enough credit.  The last few weeks she has come out with us before Friday ride and has put in a good 35 miles each Friday when you total the climbing ride and Friday ride combined.  I have really high hopes for Audrey, and I think she will do great in Women’s C if she gives racing a try in the spring.  She has a lot of guts to come out with Sam and I.

Audrey on Supplee

Then it was on to Friday ride, where we re-grouped at 3:30 at the dhlc.  Wengert tallied his 1000 mile as a Bucknell cyclist, and the team rode home amidst an awesome sunset.  It was another heavily attended Friday ride this week—has been the norm all year.  Here are some nice photos and a video of Sam giving you all some advice.  If ya want to be really pro, be like Hambone and empty your water bottles before every sprint.  In other news, senior new member sensation Abbott Cowen is really tearing it up on his TT bike.  In one of the most bizarre moments in Bucknell Cycling history, a cow actually jumped out over a fence during friday ride and almost ran right into Abbott and Eric.  So yeah, it was a good ride.  Hope to see Abbott at some races come spring!

IMG_0560 IMG_0564  
IMG_0561 IMG_0555

Saturday brought the arrival of our good friend Alex Breakstone.  Alex is a Bucknell cycling recruit from New Jersey who came to visit the team this weekend.  From riding, to socializing, talking about Bucknell, and having a good time on Saturday afternoon and evening, we certainly had a lot of fun with Alex this weekend.  He currently rides for Colavita Racing back home.  We wish him the best wherever he chooses to attend school, but of course, we really really hope that somehow he ends up here in Lewisburg with all of us next season!  Sam, Eric, Harry, Alex, and I went out for a nice ride on Saturday morning and below are the pictures.  Its safe to say that the ride I constructed accomplished its goal…in tiring Alex out.  I was glad to be able to give him one heck of a first ride for him to kick off his 2013 season.  I think he just got back on the bike this week.  The best moment came at the end of the ride when Sam informed Alex of the mailbox sprint coming into campus near the golf course.  Alex attacked really hard, but instead of turning left down the hill, kept going straight and gave us all a good laugh.  Of course, all of this would not have been possible without the help of Bill Conley, the VP of Enrollment here at Bucknell, who offered to meet with Alex when I proposed the idea to him a few months ago.  Thanks again Bill!

IMG_0578 IMG_0585
IMG_0584 IMG_0583

Another sunset picture from Marquette Mountain on Friday.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Beautiful Bikes

Anyone who has ridden with me knows that I am obsessed with cleaning my bike, as well as with bikes and bike technology in general.  Last year, I spend every Friday making sure that my chain was spit spot clean, that my cassette looked brand new, and that my entire machine was running perfectly.  (A strategy contrary to riders named Tino).  With that obsession, comes my passion for awesome bikes as well.  As many of you know, I am really into this blog called “Cycling Tips.”  Every once in a while, there is a “bikes of the bunch” story in which a really special bike is featured and a ton of awesome pictures are taken of it.  Below is the most recent featured bike which had me drooling.  Tell me this thing is not gorgeous.  I also included a few of the other bikes that have been featured in the past. 

Stainless Steel Firefly

Polished Firefly
Baum Corretto – Fixed Gear Track Bike (perhaps an upgrade campus bike for Aaron Meyers?? )
Baum Corretto

Baum Corretto Road Bike (Custom)

Baum Corretto Road

‘73 Bianchi (Restored)

73 Bianchi

Cyfac Absolu – Custom – (owner spent over 15,000 building this) (Gold Cassette Anyone?) (I think this bike is slightly ugly but still cool)


Monday, November 12, 2012

Bucknell Cycling Bios – Daniel Lazier

Back in the day when Sinead ran this blog, she started an interesting practice of giving bios of Bucknell riders as race season approached.  I thought that might be a fun thing to do as we head toward winter break.  So, I compiled a list of questions, both serious, and at many times, not very serious, in order for our readers and alumni to get to know the team a little bit better.  Here we have it, our first installment – Daniel Lazier.  (There seems to be a lot of ragging on me in his answers but that’s just because he loves me).

- Caserace

477567_3043663378844_1480915583_32329631_1155037032_oDaniel Lazier – Vice President

photo (4)Name:  Daniel D. Lazier

Class Year:  2015

Major:  Mechanical Engineering

Nickname: Lazer

Bike:  Trek Madone

Racing Category:  4 (Men’s B)

Legs shaven?  Absolutely

Favorite performance enhancing substance, drug, activity:  Carbon wheels

Favorite pro cyclist (other than Lance :p) :  Mario Cipollini

Why do you ride? Because I want to beat Case. 

555814_400653983286511_124406860911226_1619592_1485960995_nStupidest moment on the bike:  Halloween 2012.  That's all I'm gonna say about that.

Favorite ride at Bucknell?  Jack's Mountain

To raw dog or not to raw dog? RAWDAWG

Strengths as a cyclist (climbing, flats, sprinting, etc…):  To have strengths you must have weaknesses, of which I have none.31

When I hear the words “BUCKNELL CYCLING” I think…  "Oh darn* another email from Brian Case"

Other random thoughts you would like the greater community to know about you: Contrary to popular belief, I am not doping


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday – Three Rivers – What You Missed This Morning

Howdy people!  Hambone, Ben, and I went out for an epic 3 hour 50 mile ride of Three Rivers today (thanks for the directions Tino!) and we had a pretty swell time.  I took a good amount of pictures, so check out below what ya missed!  On another note, it was fantastic having Ben here this weekend to ride with us.  He is a great kid with very nice parents and we wish him well in his college search over the next year and a half.  Who knows, maybe he will be pulling on the baby blue for Bucknell in a few years time?  Only time will tell.  Thanks again Ben!

have a great Saturday everyone. – caserace

IMG_0524[1] IMG_0526[1]
IMG_0527[1] IMG_0528[1]
IMG_0530[1] IMG_0533[1]


Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Ride Today – What You MISSED!

Sorry to be such a bother, but I also have pictures from mtn training today on Stein and Supplee.  Lazer chose to take his shirt off, and all the way on the left is Ben Bowers: a junior in high school from Royersford PA who came to visit the team and see what college cycling at Bucknell is all about.  In the middle is a distressed Audrey following her first ascent of Supplee Mill.  She did awesome

(ps – aren’t my legs ripped?  at least they look good, I’m not that fast after all). – Caserace

photo (4) photo (5)

Cycling Captured – Greg Lemond – A Clean, Revolutionary, American Cyclist – RAPHA Continental

Hey!  Long time no see eh?  Sorry about that.  Starting today I want to post more and more to the blog.  People have been getting sad with its lack of activity over the past few months.  Below is a pretty cool Rapha Continental video featuring Greg Lemond.  For those who don’t know, Rapha is a cycling clothing brand, and very expensive at that.  Its kinda like the J-Crew or Ralph Lauren of cycling clothing.  Their Rapha Continental series is a video project where Rapha ships cyclists all around the world and takes really artsy videos of them.  Enjoy!

- Caserace