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Bucknell Cycling prides itself on being one of the very few collegiate teams that requires no dues and pays for every rider's transportation, lodging, and race registration.  We try to make it as easy as possible for students to try cycling and hopefully find a life-long passion for riding and racing.  Many first-time cyclists also rely upon bikes that the team loans out for free to interested new members.  With a team that has doubled in size over the past few seasons and a far-from-unlimited budget, we truly appreciate all the support we receive from parents, alumni, and friends of Bucknell Cycling.  Anything you can contribute is put to good use and directly affects our team's ability to ride, travel, and race.

If you love Bucknell Cycling as much as we do, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution, designated to "Cycling Team", through Bucknell University by clicking here.  Also remember that any time you are asked to donate to the University, you can specify that your money go to Bucknell Cycling.


    Bucknell Cycling offers a range of services to help promote companies – from product endorsements to high visibility in the local community and at colleges across the Northeast.  Each year, numerous small business jump at the chance to partner with our organization.  We are always ready to think creatively about ways to further your advertising and involvement goals.

    If you would like to partner with our team, get your logo on our jersey, and help support Bucknell Cycling, please contact us with your ideas.  Also, view our sponsorship packet online here and make sure to download the PDF for proper formatting and color.

    Matt McGauley – 2017/2018 Sponsorship –
    Andrew Schlicht – 2017/2018 President –

    To have a look at our most recent sponsors, please visit our sponsors page!

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