Saturday, January 26, 2013

1 Month To Go Before Kickoff!

With the season just one month away, Bucknell cyclists are busy at work training indoors (and even outside!) to get ready for the upcoming season.  Lazer has been leading many trainer sessions with Harry in the gateway, and Phil Cable (our coach) came and helped us with TTT chemistry a few weeks ago.  I have been riding in the snow lately, mainly because I grew up with it all my life, and hey, its fun.

Across the pond, the cycling season has already started…with the Tour Down Under in Australia.  The race was decided yesterday, and I wanted to share the highlights (below).  I posted the videos from stage 5 and 4 actually.  Stage 4 had some nice crashes, and some badly broken bikes…yikes.  For all you bike geeks out there, check out this link showing all of the pro-tour bikes for 2013 here.  I really enjoy that kind of stuff.  I’ll try to get some pics of the team riding soon…as the weather gets better.


Friday, January 11, 2013

Back to Lewisburg Soon…

Heading back to Bucknell tomorrow.  Hope to get a nice training ride in on Saturday before the rain starts!  I have some catching up to do…seeing as the California boys have been killing it all week.  I found this video the other day and wanted to share it!

– caserace

In addition, the sponsor banner for the race season is now complete!  It will hang from our soon to be purchased tent at every weekend throughout the spring.  I am really happy with how it turned out.  I had lots of help, and owe a great amount of the credit for its completion, to their efforts.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 3 of Cycling Camp: The Meat and Potatoes

Today Ross, Harry, and I started out the day (again) with an espresso, egg, and bacon breakfast.  The mood was considerably more serious as we feasted this morning.  This was because we were to ride Angeles Crest, the mountain road that I live off of that climbs for over 40 miles through the San Gabriel Mountain Range.  Every year of the Tour of California features a climb on this range, so these mountains are pretty serious.

After breakfast we kitted up and hit the long road ahead of us.  We rode at a steady pace the whole way up and took a couple of snapshots along the way.  There is an isolated restaurant/bar about 26 miles up the road called Newcomb's Ranch.  We stopped there to refill our bottles and Ross got a healthy snack of coffee and jalapeƱo chips.  At this point we split up a little bit.  Ross and I headed further up the road to get to a ski resort called Mount Waterman while Harry opted to hang around the area of the restaurant (he liked the biker vibe there).

We turned around at the ski resort and descended back home with a couple more climbs peppered in.  As we were descending, Harrison "Croissant" Chen ran over a sharp rock in the road and got a flat.  He swapped out the tube with European professional swiftness and we were shortly back on our way.

There was then just one more thing to do.  Ross wanted to claim a Strava segment on the West Coast before leaving and he picked an absolutely leg breaking 15% two-mile incline near my house as the target.  Confident in his abilities, he elected to go after it at the end of our already brutal day in the saddle.  I decided to tag along, hoping to pace him up for at least part of the the way and assist in any way I could (I personally do not do Strava so I had no real interest at stake).  As it turned out, Ross had a more ambitious pace in mind than I did.  As opposed to gradually rolling into the hill, Ross took off from the line like a bat out of hell.  I depleted what was left of my tank to get up with him and cover his wheel.  Once we hit the steep part I had to pull off, allowing Ross to launch into his bone-crushing 9 mph tempo up the 15% slope, completely out-classing me in the process.  I suffered heavily as I continued to grind along at roughly crawling pace.  Ross destroyed the old KOM average speed of 10.5 mph quite handily with an average speed of 12.6 mph.  He inadvertently took two other KOMs that were shorter sections within the segment he was after.  At the end of the day, we totaled 70 miles with 9100 ft. of climb.  Follow Ross on Strava to take a closer look at what we did today (and see how beastly that last segment was).

We were all thrashed from the ride so we decided to soak our legs in the jacuzzi and treat ourselves to roughly 100 lbs of Chinese food.  Pretty solid day at base camp.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 2 of Cycling Camp: A not-so-unexpexted Visitor

Today Harry and I kicked off the morning with our usual of espresso and eggs.  Our legs were still throbbing from ascending the merciless slopes of Ocean View Boulevard so we decided to go for a relaxed 1:45 spin around the Pasadena area.

After our ride, we showered up to go to the airport to pick up Wade's older brother, Ross.  I took Ross and Harry out for their inaugural visit to the West Coast burger chain, In N' Out.  Many calories were consumed.

When we got back to my house we "efficiently" put together Ross's bike which he shipped to my house.  After Harry and I picked our tongues off the floor from drooling over Ross in his Rapha kit, we took off for our second ride of the day.

For our afternoon ride, we descended down into Pasadena to the historic Rose Bowl Stadium for a quick lap around the circuit.  The 75-degree weather allowed us to don our uniforms "Raw Dog".

Even from our quick tempo ride this afternoon, I could tell how strong Ross is on the bike.  This is a good thing because tomorrow I'm taking the boys up my beloved Angeles Crest climb, which is demanding to say the least.  We'll be eating mountains for breakfast!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Jan. 06: Day 1 of Cycling Camp

Today Harry "The Croissant" Chen and I (Lazer) embarked on Day One of cycling camp. To say the absolute least, it was EPIC.

We started off the day Euro by treating ourselves to some home-made cappuccinos (I am an aspiring barista). After our coffees and some light breakfast it was time to head out for the day's ride.

IMG 0579

We did hill repeats on a scenic local hill called Ocean View Boulevard. Each of the four repetitions were gruelingly savage. After the repeats we continued along for some easy spinning through beautiful and historic Pasadena, CA, for a total of over 6000' feet of climbing. Not a bad first day!

IMG 0580 IMG 0583IMG 0591