Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 2 of Cycling Camp: A not-so-unexpexted Visitor

Today Harry and I kicked off the morning with our usual of espresso and eggs.  Our legs were still throbbing from ascending the merciless slopes of Ocean View Boulevard so we decided to go for a relaxed 1:45 spin around the Pasadena area.

After our ride, we showered up to go to the airport to pick up Wade's older brother, Ross.  I took Ross and Harry out for their inaugural visit to the West Coast burger chain, In N' Out.  Many calories were consumed.

When we got back to my house we "efficiently" put together Ross's bike which he shipped to my house.  After Harry and I picked our tongues off the floor from drooling over Ross in his Rapha kit, we took off for our second ride of the day.

For our afternoon ride, we descended down into Pasadena to the historic Rose Bowl Stadium for a quick lap around the circuit.  The 75-degree weather allowed us to don our uniforms "Raw Dog".

Even from our quick tempo ride this afternoon, I could tell how strong Ross is on the bike.  This is a good thing because tomorrow I'm taking the boys up my beloved Angeles Crest climb, which is demanding to say the least.  We'll be eating mountains for breakfast!

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