Saturday, January 26, 2013

1 Month To Go Before Kickoff!

With the season just one month away, Bucknell cyclists are busy at work training indoors (and even outside!) to get ready for the upcoming season.  Lazer has been leading many trainer sessions with Harry in the gateway, and Phil Cable (our coach) came and helped us with TTT chemistry a few weeks ago.  I have been riding in the snow lately, mainly because I grew up with it all my life, and hey, its fun.

Across the pond, the cycling season has already started…with the Tour Down Under in Australia.  The race was decided yesterday, and I wanted to share the highlights (below).  I posted the videos from stage 5 and 4 actually.  Stage 4 had some nice crashes, and some badly broken bikes…yikes.  For all you bike geeks out there, check out this link showing all of the pro-tour bikes for 2013 here.  I really enjoy that kind of stuff.  I’ll try to get some pics of the team riding soon…as the weather gets better.


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