Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kick Back and Relax…Its TV Tuesday Everybody!

IMAG0054Harry, Tino, Kelly, and I headed out for Tuesday Torture this afternoon, the final edition until race season begins this weekend in New Jersey.  It was a surprisingly warm and less windy day than normal, providing for a very relaxing ride.  It was so relaxing in fact, we decided to kick back and enjoy some TV on the side of the road following the decent of Supplee.  Everyone seems ready for race season…especially Harry! …who was toughing it out through injury today. 


Ray Bucknell!

- CaseRace


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Blizzard Warning

This morning when Tino, Harry, Dan Wood, and I got up for Saturday ride…mother nature definitely decided to join us.  To put it plainly, the wind and snow was so insane this morning, I looked down at my speedometer at one point, and we were moving at 9mph going downhill.  The crazy winds made it feel like we were riding directly i93102-004-0738F23Cnto a brick wall, while the snow came in from every direction.  Some of the crosswinds had us all wobbling back and forth trying not to fall over.  I guess one could say: Bucknell Cycling – “bringing you the smoothest legs and the toughest bodies on campus.”

After a hour or so, I will admit, the dramatic scene got much better.  The winds and snow died down, and the four of us settled in for a nice 50 mile ride of TNR.  After twenty or so miles heading against the wind, we looped back around for home, and found ourselves whizzing along at 30mph with the wind now at our back.  The sprints along the way were fast and highly contested.  As a freshman, on some of the rides, I don’t always know where the sprints are.  A few times Dan, Tino, and Harry would put the hammer down, leaving me in the dust with no idea a sprint was even imminent.  But hey, I guess that’s the way it goes.  Live and learn…….and get snowed on. 

Have a great Saturday everyone…this time next week, the season will already be underway!  How exciting.  By the way, the picture is for dramatic effect, that isn't actually a picture of what we rode through. – CaseRace

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Means Mountains

Hey everyone!  Here are some pictures from Tuesday Torture today—the weekly ascendance of New Berlin, Stein, and Supplee Mill.  On the left, Chris battling his way up Supplee.  On the right, Kelly, President Tino, and I, on the top of the same climb.  Less than two weeks to the race season!  It was a really fun and competitive ride today. – CaseRace

IMAG0044 IMAG0045

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Journey to Jacks

Here is an awesome picture from Saturday ride this morning.  Dan and Tino’s bikes leaning up against a sign indicating the beginning of Jack’s Mountain: an awesome climb.  The ride lasted three to four hours and was over 50 miles long.  I wish like heck I could have been there.  - CaseRace


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Mega-Post!!! Many Issues To Address…

First off on the agenda: Tuesday Torture.  As usual, it was fast and furious yesterday.  Chris, Harry, Tino, Kelly, and I, hit three major climbs in the area, including Stein and Supplee Mill.  Following a tightly contested sprint up Supplee that had Harry coming out victorious, we posed for a picture.  Unfortunately, someone decided that it would be a good idea to give Tino the camera.  Below are the results: a fantastic shot of our feet…whoopsie. 


Second on the Agenda, we have an article courtesy of DaShark (Kelly).  It is titled “The Lost Art of the Group Ride.”  The article addresses many of the unspoken realities concerning the scary beast that is the group training ride.  Riders hysterically yelling and screaming: SLOWING, or HOLE, are just some of the items tackled in this humorous rant about the dysfunction of group cycling.  Here at Bucknell Cycling, we try to keep it as pro as possible.  We never violate any of the rules laid down in this article…never.  Keep your group rides respectful, calm, and cool, and check out this article from Kelly! 



downloadThird, and most importantly, we have a leg shaving pictorial to share.  Dan LazerBeam was tasked this week with a practice near and dear to the hearts of all true cyclists: the first shave.  Now Dan is adventurous, so he took it a step further.  Dan decided that being waxed by a bunch of beautiful women sounded like a fun way to spend his time…and so he did.  The result, was not so pretty.  LazerBeam exhausted the entire container of wax he purchased for the occasion and was left with spotty hairy patches all over his legs.  The areas that actually got waxed however, were as soft as a baby.  The next day, Dan cleaned up the mess and took a proper women’s razor to clear away the remaining hair polka dots.  On the left, a picture of my man LazerBeam waxing…

Just two more weeks until the season begins!

- CaseRace

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Snowy Saturday

I woke up this morning at 9:45 to the blaring of my alarm.  It was then that I contemplated skipping Saturday ride, scheduled to leave the DHLC just 15 minutes later.  My legs ached intensely, my head hurt, and I new it was going to snow today—not exactly ideal conditions for a easy stroll through the park.  Nevertheless, I found myself subconsciously walking to the bathroom, with two water bottles in hand.  My brain was commanding me to ride today, whether I liked it or not.

5 minutes into the ride…snow!  The fantastic four: Tino, Kelly, Harry, and I, were going for an adventure…into a world of mud, ice, and cold.  About ten miles in, the president decided that climbing a dirt road in the snow would be a good idea.  Concerns about this plan were voiced, and then immediately brushed aside.  Up the snowy road we went.  Harry, known to the team as a consummate off-roader, flew up the climb alongside Tino, followed closely behind by Kelly and I.  We returned home to Lewisburg after two more hours of riding, thoroughly dirty. 

Above, I thought it would be fun to re-create a shot similar to those taken of professionals after their riding of the mud-filled spring classic Paris-Roubaix in France.  Clearly, no smiling is allowed in such shots.  Cycling is a serious sport :) – CaseRaceIMAG0041

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Torture Mountain Madness

Here is shot from today’s mountain ride.  Thanks again to Grimes for the photo.  Again this evening, President Tino once again reigns supreme as mountain master.  He slowly pedals uphill in his casual seated position, slowly that is, as he quickly disposes of everyone else… – CaseRace2012-02-07_16-17-57_480

Monday, February 6, 2012

Cycling Captured

Hey guys, I found this awesome video of Team Sky working on their lead-out train and wanted to share it with everyone.  The slow motion evolution and execution of a perfect sprint is a beautiful thing to watch.  With the addition of world champion Mark Cavendish to the squad this season, you can be sure they will have the art perfected by the time the Tour rolls around. – CaseRace

Sunday, February 5, 2012

What You Missed This Morning

Saturday Morning.  I was chilly, a bit windy, and some of us might have still been feeling tired from the night before…nevertheless, we pressed on!  President Tino, Kelly, Dan, Sam, Harry, and I, headed out this morning to conquer “Three Rivers” at 10 AM sharp. Along the way, we picked up a new friend: Kevin, from Philadelphia, who joined us thirty minutes into our ride.  It was a day characterized by three hours of climbing and weaving through the ridges of the valley.  In the end, the ride culminated with a climb home that Sam deemed: “the longest hill he had ever ridden up.”  After three crosses of the Susquehanna, fifty miles under our tires, and some quality team bonding,  we stopped off to take a picture for you all to enjoy. – CaseRace


Friday, February 3, 2012

A Busy Week…

After a busy few days of climbing and riding, cold and warm, wet and dry, and even some hail yesterday, check out a few pictures capturing the moments the team has had together training in the great state of Pennsylvania this past week.  Thanks to Grimes for all the great photography. – CaseRace


2012-02-01_11-20-01_460 IMG_0397IMG_0392