Sunday, February 5, 2012

What You Missed This Morning

Saturday Morning.  I was chilly, a bit windy, and some of us might have still been feeling tired from the night before…nevertheless, we pressed on!  President Tino, Kelly, Dan, Sam, Harry, and I, headed out this morning to conquer “Three Rivers” at 10 AM sharp. Along the way, we picked up a new friend: Kevin, from Philadelphia, who joined us thirty minutes into our ride.  It was a day characterized by three hours of climbing and weaving through the ridges of the valley.  In the end, the ride culminated with a climb home that Sam deemed: “the longest hill he had ever ridden up.”  After three crosses of the Susquehanna, fifty miles under our tires, and some quality team bonding,  we stopped off to take a picture for you all to enjoy. – CaseRace


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