Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday – Three Rivers – What You Missed This Morning

Howdy people!  Hambone, Ben, and I went out for an epic 3 hour 50 mile ride of Three Rivers today (thanks for the directions Tino!) and we had a pretty swell time.  I took a good amount of pictures, so check out below what ya missed!  On another note, it was fantastic having Ben here this weekend to ride with us.  He is a great kid with very nice parents and we wish him well in his college search over the next year and a half.  Who knows, maybe he will be pulling on the baby blue for Bucknell in a few years time?  Only time will tell.  Thanks again Ben!

have a great Saturday everyone. – caserace

IMG_0524[1] IMG_0526[1]
IMG_0527[1] IMG_0528[1]
IMG_0530[1] IMG_0533[1]


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