Monday, November 12, 2012

Bucknell Cycling Bios – Daniel Lazier

Back in the day when Sinead ran this blog, she started an interesting practice of giving bios of Bucknell riders as race season approached.  I thought that might be a fun thing to do as we head toward winter break.  So, I compiled a list of questions, both serious, and at many times, not very serious, in order for our readers and alumni to get to know the team a little bit better.  Here we have it, our first installment – Daniel Lazier.  (There seems to be a lot of ragging on me in his answers but that’s just because he loves me).

- Caserace

477567_3043663378844_1480915583_32329631_1155037032_oDaniel Lazier – Vice President

photo (4)Name:  Daniel D. Lazier

Class Year:  2015

Major:  Mechanical Engineering

Nickname: Lazer

Bike:  Trek Madone

Racing Category:  4 (Men’s B)

Legs shaven?  Absolutely

Favorite performance enhancing substance, drug, activity:  Carbon wheels

Favorite pro cyclist (other than Lance :p) :  Mario Cipollini

Why do you ride? Because I want to beat Case. 

555814_400653983286511_124406860911226_1619592_1485960995_nStupidest moment on the bike:  Halloween 2012.  That's all I'm gonna say about that.

Favorite ride at Bucknell?  Jack's Mountain

To raw dog or not to raw dog? RAWDAWG

Strengths as a cyclist (climbing, flats, sprinting, etc…):  To have strengths you must have weaknesses, of which I have none.31

When I hear the words “BUCKNELL CYCLING” I think…  "Oh darn* another email from Brian Case"

Other random thoughts you would like the greater community to know about you: Contrary to popular belief, I am not doping


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