Monday, February 21, 2011

Cycling Birthday Bash

The team recently got together for a birthday bash celebration in honor of the five February birthdays on the team--Caitlin, Steph, Billy Jean, Da Shark, and Grundle Bear. Friends and team members gathered at 2Step's house for the festivities, and played some classic birthday games, such as pin the clothes Grundle Bear.

Everyone had an attempt at pinning a shirt and pants as well as the occasional hat. Caitlin and Steph made valiant efforts, but ended up down the hall and in the doorway. Dan Wood inadvertently won with his hat, by bumping off of Fixed Gear's shoulder and landing directly onto the picture.

There was even a homemade funfettty birthday cake with imaginary candles, which mainly ended up on Grundle Bear's face, foreshadowed by 2Step's approaching hand.

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