Saturday, May 7, 2011

A note from the nationals crew

Hey Everyone!

Madison is an amazing city and yesterday's roadrace was brutal but fun. If you can believe it, we all agreed it was worse than black mo! Just finishing the race was an amazing accomplishment.

Kelly got 10th, Sinead 17th, and Bekah 29th. D1 girls started 5-10 min before us, and we all passed quite a few of them. Jeff had a good race finishing 31 of 90, a third of his field didn't even finish the race because the course and pace were so brutal.  Tristan Baldwin of UVM lead a solo breakaway in Men's D1 about 1 min off the field for 3 laps then pulled out of the race. A kid from Furman who apparently rides for Bissel won the men's D2 road race. MIT went 1-3 in the women's D2 race. Anna McCloon captured 1st for the women's D1 race. Overall ECCC rocked the road race.

We all enjoyed sleeping in this morning, but after seeing that we were ranked 5th after day 1, we all were a lil sad we didn't give the TTT a go. We had never thought we would have done this well and so few girls teams would opt to do the TT!!

Thanks for all the support guys!! We will keep you updated!

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