Friday, February 22, 2013

Preparing for the Season – NEXT WEEK!

859873_423732937710007_320330966_oThe race season is just one week away.  I’m up late the night before the Alumni ride…being my old loser self and doing a few updates on the blog, which is always a work in progress.  Here are some pictures from the past week.  The first is from last weekend, when the boys of the team went out for 70 big ones with coach Phil.  We basically did 3 Rivers and then went out for Friday Ride immediately once we got back into campus.  Lazer was crushing it up the hills, followed closely behind by Harry…who is looking very strong – and just in time!  Sam and I took the wind all the way home.  Here we are with the rest of the dudes behind us.  Pretty good looking line eh?

Then, there was a stationary bike race in the gym on Tuesday night, which you can see, Dan, Grimes, and Harry, had great fun in participating in.  I am not surprised that Grimes took home the title, he’s been plugging away on those new bikes since the gym got them a few months ago. 

- Caserace

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