Thursday, October 22, 2015

Check Out Bucknell Cycling on YouTube & Ride with Us for Homecoming

The title says it all.  Check out our YouTube channel here for some sweet POV footage of last week's Friday Ride, including three of the four sprints as well as great shots of the beautiful roads we call home.

Furthermore, if you are making the trip to Bucknell for Homecoming Weekend, be sure to bring your bike!  The team will be going out for three rides, all meeting in front of the downhill side of the Elaine Langone Center, near the bike racks:

Friday Ride 5 pm: 18 miles
Moderate-Easy Pace

Saturday Ride 10 am: ~50 miles, 3500 ft of elevation
Challenging-Moderate Pace
We will be taking on New Berlin and Jack's Mountain, so come prepared

Sunday Ride 10 am: ~30 miles
Moderate-Easy Pace

Although we welcome all alumni for these rides, road bikes are highly recommended. If you can not bring a bike, just bring pedals!  Earl's Bicycle Store on Fairground Road rents high-quality road bikes at reasonable rates.  We look forward to riding with you!


  1. freakin' awesome countryside; i miss it

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