Saturday, October 14, 2017

August 2017

     Hello y'all! My name is Andrew "Schlichty" Schlicht, and as the President of the cycling team, I recently acquired the power of posting to the team's blog. To start things off I want to provide a monthly summary of what the team has been up to. The school semester started in August, so I deemed that a good place to start.

     Things started when the Executive Board started to arrive on campus. Vice President Evelyn Korbich, Treasurer and Sponsorship  Matt McGauley, and Race Director & Directeur Sportif  Eli Bravo, and I were elected to our positions near the end of Spring semester. This strong exec board is entering the year with the high goal of hosting an ECCC race on campus. But I digress...

     During Orientation Week, the new students attend an event known as Activites Unlimited where all clubs, teams, and student organizations gather to attract new students to join their group. We had a stand of our own, complete with tent, rollers, and a sign-up sheet. We gathered a few dozen emails and names while Eli sweat like mad on the rollers resting on uneven ground. 

     Soon, on Aug 25, we hosted our first Friday Ride of the new semester. There was a phenomenal attendance of familiar faces and new ones. A few ROTC members decided to tag along as they are training for a triathlon. 

     August brings about the beginning of the school semester and much more. It has brought about a renewed desire to ride fast and represent the baby-blue with honor. Matty McG and I both intend on moving up in the ECCC fields from C to B, joining Eli. Two other returning riders, Sahsa Weilbaker and Elyza Agosta, have taken an interest in triathlons themselves and have started pursuing faster times on and off the bike. Our new riders are strong and show a lot of potential launching into the new year. Max Skirpan, a friend of both Matt and I, has become fond of the team and has started riding with us. Another friend of mine Ben Bliss, recently bought a new bike and even though I have yet to ride with him, he is crushing Strava segments. Yiwei Wang, an international student from China has also joined the team and is mid-transition from mountain biking to road biking. 

     The team is looking strong and healthy. 


     On more of a personal note, there is a mountain (Montour Ridge) that you can see from the second floor of the library. For the longest time, I have wanted to climb that hill. Finally, during the month of August, Eli and I went for a ride and conquered the hill. So satisfying. 

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