Sunday, February 24, 2019

Wet n' Wild William and Mary Road Race

Hey everyone it’s been a while, but welcome back. Now that things (kind of) seem to be thawing out from the Winter, it’s time to start our favorite part of the year: racing season! So with the opportunity to head down to the South (for what we thought would be some nice, warm weather), a few of us did just that.

On Friday we left campus just after 3:30PM. Luckily the women’s tennis team didn’t have any competitions this weekend, so we got a chance to take the sprinter van down to William and Mary. It’s always a pleasure when we they’re available. It’s so easy to fit everyone and all of our stuff into one vehicle. So simple and organized! We were super happy (as always) that Papa K was able to join us for this weekend. We are eternally grateful to his commitment to making sure that we arrive to our races in a safe and timely manner and it’s always a pleasure to spend our Spring weekend’s with him. Last year he missed a few weekends due to a car accident, so it’s so great to have him back. This weekend myself, Schlicht, and three first years (Jon Tze, Axel Olsson and Nick Fardone) would be venturing to tackle the pancake-flat course in Williamsburg. This was Nick and Axel’s first experience racing in a USAC cycling race, so it was great to have them with us, even if the forecast for race day was a little menacing. The drive down went super smoothly and featured a stop at Chipotle for some grub. Once we got to the hotel (which was very nice, thanks Karen!) we quickly went to bed to rest up for the next day. 

The Dave Board - Definitely got some attention this weekend

Preparing the bikes for battle

We arrived to the race course at about 7:45am and got everyone checked in. Unfortunately they weren’t able to process Jon’s upgrade request from D to C in time, so he had to race D this weekend. Nick joined him in the D field and Axel would be in the C field. Schlicht and I raced men’s B. Jon and Nick’s race was in less-than-ideal conditions and unfortunately neither of them were able to finish their race. It was nothing to be upset over, however. The conditions were truly horrendous and if for nothing else, they got some valuable experience in preparing for when the conditions are less than favorable on race day. Axel raced soon after and did very well! He finished 10th in the men’s C, which for a first time racer is a great accomplishment! It will be great to see how he progresses throughout the season and to see how he fairs on hillier courses, which will definitely suit his strengths. Schlicht and I’s race was nothing short of miserable. It rained, it was cold, our hands and feet turned into popsicles and we were borderline hypothermic at the end, but we both did fairly well for our first race in the men’s B field. Schlicht placed 8th and I was 4th. After the finish we promptly hurried back to the warmth of the van and skrted out of there to a gas station so we could de thaw on some warm drinks. We then hit the road because we were just doing the road race for the weekend. On the way back, we stopped for some delicious barbecue food at Chubby’s. Because what would a trip to the south be without some good barbeque?

Nick Fardone ('22) posing at Chubby's

Delicious pulled pork (it didn't last much longer
after this pic was taken)

Team food adventures - absolutely one of favorite
aspects of cycling weekends outside of racing

In all it was a great pre season racing experience for all of us and we are excited for what is ahead. The Bucknell Cycling Classic (March 30-31) is quickly approaching and we could not be more excited! Stay tuned for more on that. 

A special thank you to Country Cupboard and Allstar Bagel for providing us with food for this weekend! We are grateful for your support. 

Ride on,
— Matty McG


  1. Cannot anyone get in Men's C race without an upgrade? Also, how did Axel race in that field then (he did not race in USAC before)?

    1. You were able to register as a Men's C when you first bought your license last year. Unfortunately, if you registered as a Men's D last year and would like to be a Men's C you have to go through the usual upgrade process. This requires that you finish 10 races as a Men's D. So Axel registered as a Men's C when he bought his license a couple of weeks ago. I would suggest you contact the upgrade coordinator and see if they can make an exception that will allow you to be a Men's C. It's bogus that they won't let you be a Men's C if you could have signed up as one in the first place and you're clearly strong enough for the C field. I know of at least one other person who is in the same situation :/

  2. Thanks Matt; I will try to contact them.