Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rider Spotlight - Week 2

This week, we start our spotlight with a 4-year veteran of the team. After a week off, Bekah will be returning to the ECCC as a newly upgraded Women's A rider. Good luck this weekend Bekah!

Name: Rebekah Morris AKA Lil Chicky

Age: 22

Class Year: 2011

Major: Environmental Geology

Hometown: Salisbury, MD

Type of Bike:
Specialized Ruby Elite

Years Racing: 4

Division: Women's A

Favorite Race/Favorite Ride: Penn State Black Mo Mountain/ The Highlander

Our male rider this week has started his first full year of racing strong with several top 20 finishes in the past 3 weekends of racing. (But you guys know this because you've read our race-weekend summaries....oh wait.)

Name: Josh Kurtz AKA Tugboat


Class Year: 2012

Major: Mechanical Engineer

Hometown: Harrisburg, PA

Years Racing: 1

Division: Men's C2

Favorite Race/Favorite Ride:

Stay tuned for more rider spotlights and race weekend updates!

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