Monday, March 21, 2011

Rider Spotlight

Since many of our readers aren't currently (or never were) on the cycling team, we thought a rider spotlight would be a great way for you all to get to know our members. We'll be doing two riders per week, starting with...

Name: Emily Daniels AKA "Daniels"

Age: 21

Class Year: 2011

Major: Civil Engineering

Hometown: North Wales, PA

Type of Bike: Kestrel

Year Racing: 3rd

Division: Women's B

Favorite Race/Ride: Philly Team Time Trial


Name: Craig Tuller AKA "Twilight"

Age: 20

Class Year: 2013

Major: Chemistry

Type of Bike: Specialized Allez

Year Racing: 1st

Division: Men's D

Favorite Race/Ride: Covered Bridges

Check back next week for two new riders.

1 comment:

  1. I love this idea! It is very hard to remember who belongs to which name, let alone which nickname, but I can remember very well when I see the PICTURE with the name and nickname :) I can't wait to get my hot pink Bucknell Cycling shirt!