Friday, January 6, 2012

The Beginning

Welcome - Hi everyone! It is early in the morning on January 6, 2012, a day that marks the beginning of my tenure as blog master for the Bucknell Cycling Team. First, let me introduce myself. My name is Brian Case, and I am a freshman on the team. I first started racing my bicycle two summers ago to keep in shape for my soccer and hockey seasons, anFCCC 3d have steadily grown to love the sport, especially all its challenges. In 2010, I began participating in training races organized by a local club, called the GVCC, in my hometown of Rochester NY. There, I met the coach who would foster my excitement for cycling: Mike Minerva. In 2011, I joined Mike’s newly formed GVCC MVP Health Care Junior G2 team, and competed throughout the northeast alongside my teammates from neighboring towns. As a new team to the junior scene, we took some lumps along the way. But in the process, I learned what a beautiful sport cycling is.

My hope for this venture, is to develop the best cycling blog possible, one that I look to model after Wade Wallace’s cyclingtips.  While I understand reaching this height will be difficult, I will nevertheless strive to keep the Bucknell Cycling Blog interesting and thoughtful.  I hope to post regularly, and of course welcome my fellow teammates to do the same.
317327_2191365064014_1243740404_32245589_1764289539_nTo this point, I have completed one semester at Bucknell University, a place near and dear to my heart.  Both of my parents attended the school, and I have fond memories of visiting Bucknell as a very young boy with my parents and younger brother.

Now that I’m here, I can say that I definitely made the right decision.  I can also say that I’m extremely pumped for the upcoming cycling season, just three months away.  Joining me this year in the class of 2015 are some strong riders, including Sam Cowans from Philadelphia, a remarkable kid, and a beast of a cyclist.  There is also Dan Lazier from Los Angeles, one of the best climbers I have ever ridden with.  Zander Slavitz and Chris Duda are strong freshman as well.  Without even mentioning the upperclassmen on the team, some of whom have raced collegiate nationals in the past, I will admit I'm merely hoping that I can keep up when training picks up back at school…in 10 days.  Fall training with my fellow freshman, as well as with Brian Tino, Harry Chen, Kelly Desharnais, and many others, was a absolute blast.  Lets hope the actual season lives up to the billing.  For now, I’m signing off.  Get out there and ride a bike!  Even if it is snowing… Ray Bucknell!


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