Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cycling Enlightenment

152368088_GaHYa-LAs we all know, cycling is a complicated sport—filled with strategy and tactics.  Understandably, those new to experiencing, watching, or participating in cycling don’t often understand the teamwork or level of depth behind racing.  Everyone is riding by themselves, how could cycling be a team sport?  The complex nature of cycling often has me asking how it all works and scratching my head.  For example, as Brian Tino blows past me at the conclusion of a training ride sprint, which again happened to me today, I again learn that the tactics of the sport are complicated, and that even with two years of racing under my belt, its hard for me, or any rider for that matter, to completely grasp the intricacies of perfect racing.  For that, we look to master Harry Chen, who today brought to the team’s attention some important elements of racing: the pace line and echelon. –CaseRace

…From Harry Chen


On today's ride, we practiced Double Rotating pace line. It's something every rider should know. Look at the breakaways in the Tour de France, they're usually doing double rotating pace line so everyone does equal share of work. Check this out:



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