Thursday, March 8, 2012

Let's not forget the man behind the curtain...

As many of you avid Bucknell Cycling Team Fans are aware, this blog has really taken off over the past few months. This is all due to the hard work of Mr. Brian Case (or CaseRace as we like to say...). Thank you, CaseRace, for your hard work and dedication.

This weekend, CaseRace was so busy taking pictures of his teammates for this amazing blog (and what became the most epic blog posts ever!) but, sadly, there weren't any pictures of him. Thanks to Papa K, we were able to catch a few moments of CaseRace's and LazerBeam's first ever collegiate cycling weekend. Enjoy!

Here we see CaseRace, with is game face on. "In the zone", one might say. First ever collegiate criterium!

Here, we have LazeBeam with is lightening yellow arm warmers. Also his first ever collegiate criterium!

Both Lazer and Case, cruising down this hill on the backside of the challenging crit course.

A few more of the grueling crit on Sunday...

Who wears short shorts?...some MIT guy apparently.

....Anyways, thanks again, CaseRace, for all of your hard work on this blog!

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  1. Like! Kelly, you should post more often too - I have to respect a woman who channels her inner bike snob and makes fun of guys with short shorts and a skin gap...