Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sandman…Puppies and Squirrels!?

Grimes, President Tino, Kelly, and I headed out for a easy ride of Sandman today, only to be met by many interesting challenges.  Lets just say we definitely interacted with the wildlife.  About twenty miles in, Kelly shrieked at the top of here lungs and ran right over a squirrel that happened to cross the path of her speeding bicycle.  She rammed right over the squirrel with little she could do to avoid it.  The squirrel then proceeded to get run over by Grimes as well.  It then miraculously scurried to the other side of the road—probably terrified and a bit shaken.  Then on Tour de Cake today, we ran into a woman with I believe seven puppies.  Tino ordered me to go pet them, and hence, your picture for the day—me and the dogs…

The race report for Philly will be coming this weekend.  I have had a lot of work and being the blog master beast definitely takes a toll.  Hope all of my passionate readers understand.  So look for the Philly post this weekend!! – CaseRace


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